Sell Galletto 1260 (EOBDII Flasher)


Galletto 1260 (EOBDII Flasher)
Now update to 1260 version .
This version can achieve to read and write flash/eprom dumps of the most recent ECUs.
It is very easy to use. No need to dismantle the ECU. You need only a PC with the USB interface.
Working on EDC16,EDC15, MEx.x ,DELCO and many more engine4s ecu.
Supports more cars than any other obd 2 ,eobd tuning tool.

Package includes:
* USB interface module mounted in OBD-II case
* Software and drivers
·                                 ALFA BOSCH_M2.1 -- READ AND WRITE
·                                 ALFA BOSCH_ME2.1 IBRIDA -- READ AND WRITE
·                                 ALFA BOSCH_ME7.2.1 EURO 3 Boot Mode -- WRITE
·                   &

Product Origin: China
Model Number: Galletto 1260
Brand Name: KKGTECH

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Company Name: HK Xing Sheng Technology Company Limited
Contact Person: Christina Deng
Address: Shenzhen, China
Zip: 518000
Telephone: 86-13751059297
Fax: 86-21564338

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